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Meet Hettie Brittz

Hettie’s passion is to help people know their God-given design and live out their purpose. Hettie is the author of the best-selling book on Christian parenting: ‘Kweek Kinders met Karakter. She later published the English version: ‘Growing Kids with Character’ and two more titles followed: ‘Respectable Parents, Respectful Kids’ and ‘Compassionate Discipline.’ 

She founded Evergreen Parenting (Pty) Ltd in 2007 as a company that distributed her titles and trained facilitators to present the official Evergreen Parenting course. Find products and services based on her intellectual property on this website.

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Life gets busy. Everywhere I hear people complain that they don’t have a single Saturday free till the schools close. We forget that our children catch…

Help them to see our Father

I’m a proud father of three energetic and very diverse boys, eight, five and 2 years old. A life of peacefully playing with dolls, coloring in and clean toilet seats just does not exist. Haha. I’m also a son of a father who in the words of his close friend, is one of the hardest…

Raising teenagers – Part 2

Trusting God and local church Trusting God in the teenage phase, praying for your kids (you have spiritual authority over them)and belonging to a local church we found, is foundational.  Yet, we have learned a few things that made this ride a joyful one and I gladly share some tips with you.  It is very…

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