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Our Story

In all started with a best selling book on Christian parenting: ‘Kweek kinders met Karakter‘ by Hettie Brittz. She later published the English version: ‘Growing Kids with Character’ and two more titles followed: ‘Respectable Parents, Respectful Kids’ and ‘Compassionate Discipline.’ (Unfortunately you won’t find these books on this website, but we are in the process to negotiate the right to sell the e-books – please contact us if you would like to be on the waiting list.)

We know everybody can’t read these books… some might struggle to find a copy, some don’t like reading because they process info differently (we understand different personality types) and most parents do not have the time to read. Whatever your reason, we have you covered: The content from these books were converted to videos, audio files, practical exercises and handy tools to enable more parents to access the life-changing information and advice – right at your finger tips! All the products on this website are digital and that means that no parcels are being send by courier and you have access to your purchases as soon as payment is processed. All your purchases is available on your profile (protected by your password) to watch or listen to as many times as you need.

The website is owned and managed by Lydia Kies and Nanette Oosthuizen. The team’s mission is to develop new content to empower and equip parents. Our own experience, talents and skills are implemented to create digital products that are user-friendly, available 24hours a day, affordable and very practical. Most of the content on this website is the intellectual property of Hettie Brittz and she receives royalties.  

Meet the people behind the scenes:

Hettie Brittz

Hettie is married to Louis, and they have 2 daughters and a son. Hettie’s passion is to see families rebuilt and strengthened. Her books, talks and courses are aimed to inspire, equip and bring people closer to the truths that bring true healing in individuals and relationships. Therefore, she addresses deeper issues than just discipline and parenting. How to live without fear, overcoming trauma and abuse, finding joy and hope after loss, and related topics are also close to her heart. Hettie founded Evergreen Parenting (Pty) Ltd in 2007 as a company that distributed her titles and trained facilitators to present the official Evergreen Parenting course. Her family recently relocated to the USA where she continues her mission to uplift and empower.

Lydia Kies

Lydia is married to Wimpie and they have two daughters. As a former Educational Kinesiologist and Kids Life Coach, Lydia loves learning, reading and self-development. She is a bad cook and a self-confessed coffee addict! She has a heart for children, families and parents and subsequently joined Evergreen Parenting in 2009 to share her parenting journey, and the lessons she learned, with other mothers and fathers. Lydia and Nanette founded Evergrowth Online (Pty) Ltd in 2021 as a company licensed to distributes the Evergreen Parenting course material and other content authored by Hettie Brittz on an online platform, utilizing technology to reach more parents.

Nanette Oosthuizen

Nanette is married and a mother of two amazing boys. Nanette has an honours degree in Psychology and loves the complexities of all human beings. She is terrible at keeping anything green alive (hence all the plastic plants in her house), she also has no hair intelligence and is a self-confessed recovering gaming addict! She joined Evergreen Parenting in 2009. Nanette and Lydia founded Evergrowth Online (Pty) Ltd in 2021 as a company licensed to distributes the Evergreen Parenting course material and other content authored by Hettie Brittz on an online platform, utilizing technology to reach more parents.

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