Bible studies on Parenting

Growing Kids With Character

Discover how to use kids’ God-given personalities to guide them on their spiritual journey and firmly establish their identity and purpose in Christ as you emulate God as the “Great Gardener.”

(Un)Natural Mom

Discover that God has made every kind of mother to reflect something of Himself, including world-renowned Hettie Brittz’s popular parenting style profile. (Un)Natural Mom frees you to stop pursuing the myth of the “natural mom” and become the mom God has equipped you to be.

What does the Bible say about manipulation?

We discover how God handled the Israelites and David’s manipulation techniques and with introspection discover how we should handle our own children’s manipulation.

Bybelstudies oor Ouerskap

Wat sê die Bybel van manipulasie?

Ons kyk hoe die Here die Israeliete se manipulasietegnieke hanteer het en doen introspeksie oor hoe ons, ons kinders se manipulasie moet hanteer.

Bible studies on Marriage

How To Protect Your Husband

Marriage is a team sport. We all start marriage with ‘till death do us part’. When you are young and you say these words, you may not quite understand the weight and the depth of them. In this 6-day reading plan, we look at a few things you should consider if you want to protect your husband.

How To Protect Your Wife

As husbands, we represent Christ in our marriage and our wives represent the Church. Our protection of our wives should encompass much more than just physical protection. In this 3-day reading plan we will look at ways to protect your wife other than just physical protection.

Safety Gates for Marriage

During the first years of our marriage, we soon realized that we would have to set boundaries, lay down rules – so to speak – and talk about the values we want to build on as a couple going forward in a fruitful marriage. In this 4-day reading plan, we want to share a few of these principles with you.