The following courses were developed by Hettie Brittz:

Courses for Parents


Hettie Brittz compiled courses for parents based on her principles for Christian parenting. These courses are presented by accredited Facilitators to a group of parents.

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The course focus on equipping mothers and fathers with effortless skills to enjoy their kids and embrace every scream, shout, tantrum or manipulation technique as part of raising kids. Parents can mold these types of behaviour in a loving environment.

We as parents are uniquely positioned to keep our eyes fixed on God and keep our fingers on the pulse of the family. The Evergreen Parenting course can be used as a tool to encourage and support you.

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First Steps is a non-profit company that developed a GRASSROOT course for parents, based on the principles of Hettie Brittz. This course embraces parents of all literacy levels and empower them through relevant yet practical advice to fulfill their God-given role as parents. Households thrive and communities become resilient as a result of the Evergreen principles.

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Did you know that most of the content covered in the Evergreen Parenting course are available in digital format – videos, MP3’s and Pdf downloads – directly to the parent? 

Courses for Educators

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Hettie Brittz compiled courses for educators based on her principles for Christian child-rearing. 

These courses are presented by accredited Consultants to a group of educators.

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Schools with Character is our course for teachers based on the work of Hettie Brittz. Evergreen believes that parents and teachers share the responsibility of educating children. We believe that respectable educators can cultivate respectful learners and a school’s discipline plan, and the consistent implementation thereof, has an impact on a child’s moral development. We focus on re-igniting the passion for education by tapping into each educator’s unique gifts, while also learning how to unlock the potential of each learner with the knowledge of temperament types.
Our accredited consultants are working nationwide to connect with parents and teachers in every city and town to try and make a difference.

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Evergreen’s Preschool Course is for teachers, educators or caregivers that work with toddlers. Early childhood development is most definitely a priority in any community. We share our principles on healthy authority and discipline with compassion, whilst keeping the individual’s personality type in mind.

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