Teaching responsibility

Have you ever had to prepare for a race or a tough exam?

Responsibility is like that; it takes time, practice and a willing coach.
It would not be fair at all to expect our kids to take part in the responsibility race with no training and yet, we often do.

When we think about responsibility we might see it as negative, as we often feel overwhelmed by our adult responsibilities. We have to remember that our children have to learn to take responsibility as a new and fun skill! We as parents are the primary role players in teaching kids responsibilities. It does not come naturally…

We need to set our children up for success and not for failure! By omitting to teach them responsibility we are actually setting our kids up for failure whilst expecting them to perform in the various areas of life.
When we don’t teach our children responsibility we are not cultivating a growth mindset.

Herewith a few examples of the differences between kids who was taught responsibility and those who weren’t.

Responsible  vs. Irresponsible
– Making it work, even when not ideal  vs. Blaming others and making excuses
– Making decisions vs. Not knowing how to ask for help
– Doing for themselves vs. Expecting special treatment
– Knowing it’s okay to make mistakes vs. Feeling incompetent
– Taking ownership vs. Demanding and complaining
– Handling work, even when tough vs. Dislike work (too hard / too much / unfair)
– Managing time, stuff and frustration vs. Don’t see themselves as having to work

We are all busy. Trying to balance work, home and kids are tiring and by no means easy. However, the benefits in taking the time to teach your precious children responsibility is worth every minute!!

We all would love to have:

  • A child who has a growth mindset
  • A child who learns to embrace challenges even when it is tough
  • A child who learns to experiment and try new things
  • A child who understands and know their worth and place in the family

I want to encourage you to train your children for the responsibility race, with consistency, loads of fun and lots of support. Be practical!

They will make mistakes, so, forgive often and reward much and above all, never stop praying!!!

About the author:

Marelize Nel, together with her husband, 2 daughters, 2 dogs and 1 hamster live in the picturesque town of Scottburgh on the South Coast of Natal.

She has been an Evergreen Parenting Facilitator for 11 years and work closely with their local church and school whilst trying to meet the need of the various communities.

She has qualified as a Child and Adolescent Counseling Facilitator and really enjoy the challenges this brings. They as a family love the Lord and love serving together.

You could contact her on:  eirene.nel@gmail.com