Complete your Cultivation Style Profile*

You might have heard about different parenting styles before?

Traditionally, three parenting styles have been distinguished: autocratic, democratic and laissez-fair (or permissive). The first and the last were seen as wrong, because they aimed at respectively too much and too little control over the child. The moderate democratic style was thus seen as the ideal one.

However, at Evergreen we believe there are actually four styles and every parent has a default style. We refer to it as your Cultivation Style (or in Afrikaans your Kweekstyl).

So relax: The Cultivation Style Profile that follows is a questionnaire that identifies your authority or disciplining style – not an exam that you can fail!

*This was developed by Hettie Brittz and published in her book Kweek Gesonde Gesag and later Respectable Parents, Respectful Kids. This electronic version was updated in 2023.

What is your default Cultivation Style?

Discover your own Cultivation Style by completing this questionnaire.

There are no right or wrong answers – we aim to identify your particular style of thinking.

We recommend that you complete this with one child in mind, and repeat it for another child (if applicable).

The meaning of the results will be discussed during the workshop/session on Healthy Authority, as presented by your Evergreen Parenting Facilitator.

Please note: This questionnaire is intended for parents that already enrolled to attend an Evergreen Parenting course, workshop or online course.

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