HOMEWORK after the session on Healthy Authority

Build a wall

You have discovered the building blocks of healthy authority. Authenticity about the gaps in your authority wall is part of the process to build a stronger trust-relationship with your children. This means that you have to have a conversations with your kids about this. Consider a fun activity with kids to make it very concrete while discussing the importance. (Refer to page 7 of the workbook.)

Building a wall using LEGO blocks

Curb manipulation

Manipulation is the enemy of healthy authority. We recommend that you complete the free quizzes to determine if manipulation is a problem in your home. There are three:

Click on this link for the quizzes.

And if you do realize that you need to curb manipulation techniques, please consider the product below:

Choose to be a healthier role model today.

More resources on the topic:

Please refer to the SELF-HELP Resources for more on this topic. There are more tools and templates to download and print. Find also online courses with videos or podcasts on specific themes on raising children of all ages. We are in the process of developing even more resources – check in regularly or join our social pages to be the first to know of new product launches.