HOMEWORK after the session on TEMPERAMENT

Recognize one another

The members of your family are, most likely, not the same personalities. Discover each member’s uniqueness by writing down the characteristics you notice in each other.

Shine together

Once you have figured out what tree types live under the same roof, it is important that you give each other enough space and sunshine to grow. Make your own portrait to display on the fridge, or close to the dinner table or in a beautiful frame – it serves as a reminder that everyone has different needs and we have to respect each other’s differences.

Love each other better…

Write a parenting plan

Parents would have realized that each child needs different parenting. The online courses listed below guides you to write a parenting plan for each child.

Study the Bible

Who knows your and your child’s design better than our Creator. Make time to abide in the Word and speak to the Lord about the importance of temperament

Hettie Brittz has developed Bible Study Plans on temperament. Search it on your YouVersion Bible Application, or follow these links:

Enjoy the trees in your garden!

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