HOMEWORK after the session on Compassionate Discipline

Start with the rules of the game

A home with house rules feels save. Use this template to use during the discussion and also as a visual reminder afterwards.

Decide on the goal

The goal: grow children with character – Christlike character that will make your child a servant of God that serves other people to build the Kingdom. This template will help intentional parents to brainstorm the character traits you will focus on first.

Reinforce growth

Once you have planted the goal post (the character trait you want to develop) it is necessary to keep your child motivated and on track. Notice their efforts and mark their progress with these incentive charts:

Our motto: Discipline with the necessary amount of compassion builds character.

More resources on the topic:

Please refer to the SELF-HELP Resources for more on this topic. There are more tools and templates to download and print. Find also online courses with videos or podcasts on specific themes on raising children of all ages. We are in the process of developing even more – check in regularly or join our social pages to be the first to know of new product launches.