Downloads for the Evergreen School Admin

Download and print this step-by-step guide for the Admin person to understand the ordering process, actions on the dashboard, the parents/educators process and some trouble-shooting and frequently asked questions.

Download Marketing Templates

Images to use in the initial marketing campaign to parents and/or educators. There are a file containing images ideal for social media platforms, and another file with images ideal for PowerPoint slide presentations. Download and save these images.

Guides on how to self-register

For parents and/or educators. Download these HOW-TO guides to forward to members of your school community to guide them to self-register.

In our experience not all people are confident with the use of technology, are also not familiar with online shopping and new to the experience of online learning. Please make use of the step-by-step guides, infographics and how-to-video-tutorials we supply to avoid having to answer numerous follow-up questions.

The video can also be found on YouTube under the following URL: