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Downloadable docs

On this website, you will find some content in PDF format. You will be able to download this PDF document to your computer’s hard drive and print it at home.

Most mobile phones won’t be able to store large PDF files and they are not connected to a printer. You will be able to complete the order on your mobile phone, however refer to options 2 or 3 (below) to download the file as the system only allows ONE download per user license. Make sure to use a laptop or computer to store the downloaded file.

Once your order has been completed, you will be able to gain access to PDF files by clicking on the unique link. There are three ways:

  1. The system will generate your “Order completed” page when you return to this website directly after you have made a successful payment on the PayFast portal. Click on the link if you are ready to download (and using a device that can save and print).
  2. Alternatively you can use the link in the email that the system will send, confirming that your order was completed. Click on the link only if you are ready to download.
  3. Lastly, the file is stored in your account. Find your download under “My Profile” > “My Account” > “Downloads.” Click on the link if you are ready to download and print. Some links expire in 30 days, so download asap.

Please note – you have to be logged into your account to allow the system to recognize you and list all the content that you bought access to.

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