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Workbooks for attending a course

This information is intended for parents that registered to attend a Core Value workshop presented by an Evergreen Parenting Facilitator.

The system will send you an email inviting you to join a group – this action was triggered by the Facilitator that is hosting your course.

The video below will give you step-by-step instructions how to get your downloadable workbook.

IMPORTANT – we recommend that you follow these steps using a computer or laptop (and not you mobile phone).

If you have followed these steps and still can’t print your workbook, please contact the facilitator that is hosting your course.

Some details:

The facilitator bought a special membership on this website on your behalf. You have to activate your membership by clicking on the link in the Invitation email.

Once your membership is active, the system will allow you to view the content associated with the specific membership – which in this instance is a page with a welcome message and a product to add to your cart.

You will have to add the content to your profile by making a purchase. It will be a R0 transaction (as the facilitator already paid on your behalf). Once you have completed the transaction you will receive a link to the downloadable PDF of the workbook(s). Please save and print in time for the first session with the facilitator. You might want to read this article on downloadable docs.

Your email address will automatically be populated on the PDF document – this is proof that you obtained a legal license to print a copy for your OWN use. Copyright and intellectual property laws protect the content. You are not allowed to make copies for friends and family. Facilitators are also not allowed to distribute copies. If you received a PDF document that has someone else’s email address printed on the pages, you are in possession of an illegal copy – please let us know!

Thank you for protecting the content – the aim is to prevent misuse or misinterpretation.


1.The link in my Invitation email does not work.

  • It means that you have already activated your membership.
  • Please go to MY PROFILE > MY ACCOUNT > MEMBERSHIPS to continue.
  • If you do not have any membership associated with your account – please contact your Facilitator and ask her to trigger the ‘Re-send email’ option.

2.I added the product to my cart, but can’t find the download.

  • You either did not complete the order, or got interrupted halfway through.
  • Please navigate to MY PROFILE > MY ACCOUNT > MEMBERSHIPS to place another order.
  • Please navigate to MY PROFILE > MY ACCOUNT > DOWNLOADS to download the PDF document.

3.I’ve reached my download limit.

  • It means that you have already downloaded the file.
  • If you downloaded the PDF to your mobile phone, you will first have to locate the file. Depending on the phone brand you might find it in Files, Drive or Media. Now forward the PDF to your laptop (via email) to be able to save and print.
  • If you downloaded the PDF to your laptop or desktop computer, find the file in your hard drive’s Download folder. Save and print.

Enjoy the life-changing course!

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