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Are you having trouble progressing in an online video course because the system prevents you from clicking on the NEXT button?

Each course consists of modules, and each module contains a lesson or two, to make your learning more structured. Here are a few pointers that will hopefully ensure a smoother process.

  • Our website works best on CHROME. Please make sure to use Chrome as your preferred internet browser (even if you are accessing our website via a mobile phone).
  • Refresh the page if you get stuck.
  • There are modules and lessons in each course – you will have to mark all the lessons in a module as completed, and will only then be able to mark the module as a whole as completed. It is sometimes frustrating as you have to navigate back to the previous module to return to the starting point of the current module. This is to view a list of all the lessons in a module, and if they are all marked as completed.
  • The videos are usually at the beginning of each module – make sure that you did indeed watch the video before starting the lessons on the topic. The system will pick up if you skip a video.

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