The trees in our garden


Videos on the temperament of children by Hettie Brittz. Please read more details below:

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The trees in our garden

Hettie Brittz is famous for her tree-type analogy to explain the different temperament types. We believe that temperament is a God-design and that the personality of each member of the family plays a role.

Discover the tree-type of your children by identifying the characteristics present from baby to teenager. There are Palm trees, Rose bushes, Boxwoods and Pine trees. Hettie also shares child rearing secrets for each tree type – each has unique needs, challenges and keys to the relationship.  

In this online course, Hettie Brittz describes the four main tree types and discuss the impact this knowledge has on parenting. The content of these videos are a summary of Hettie’s best seller book, entitled “Growing kids with Character.”

The content:

  • What is temperament?
  • Unique traits of the palm tree
  • Unique traits of the rosebush
  • Unique traits of the lollipop or boxwood
  • Unique traits of the pine tree

The format: 

  • The online course consist of videos by Hettie Brittz. 60 min in total.
  • Videos are watched via streaming. You will have to login on this website with your password to access the videos. You will not be able to download videos.

How does it work?

  • Add this product to your cart, complete the checkout process and make payment.
  • Find the online course under My PROFILE > MY COURSES.
  • You will have access to the content forever and can watch the videos as many times as you need.

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