Caught being good


The Caught Being Good Cards is a tool to remind parents to focus on children’s good behaviour. Please read more details below.

Sold By: Hettie Brittz


Caught Being Good Cards

Are you familiar with the term: caught being good? Parents need to catch their children doing good… It is sometimes easy to focus on everything kids do not do, or do wrong, isn’t it?

The Caught Being Good cards is a tool to help remind parents to notice and acknowledge when their children behave well or co-operates in learning a new habit, and it motivates children to keep up the good work!

The content:
  • Hettie demonstrates how to use the Caught Being Good card in a video. Parents can then download templates to make their own cards at home. The cards are beautifully designed and contains a phrase to start your message with – this ensures that you use wording that is uplifting and builds self-esteem. We created several designs to keep it interesting for the kids and also different designs for teens.
The format:
  • This online course consist of a video by Hettie Brittz (3min in total) and
  • Downloadable Pdf documents to print at home – Afrikaans and English templates are available.
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Decide to focus on the good, today!