Zoom Talk – The effect of divorce on the family


This was a Zoom-talk recorded on 25 May 2020. Dr. Jo-Marie Bothma talks about the effects of divorce on families.

She gives keys and insight into the very complexity of the situation of divorce. She speaks from a place of experience as she understands the heartache families go through and give a few ‘how to tips’. 

Some of the aspects that are covered:

How does divorce effects children in different developmental stages (also touching a little on possible expected responses of different temperaments)?

Different feelings children experience during divorce (incl the different emotional stages.)

How do you prepare children for divorce (aiming to keep children’s temperaments in mind as well).

Ideas on how to prevent loyalty conflict (touching on parental alienation.)

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The effect of divorce on the family

  The content:
  • Dr. Jo-Marie Bothma talks about the effects of divorce on families.
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  • This is a video recording of a live presentation that took place May 2020. 60 min in total.
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More about the speaker: Dr. Jo-Marie Bothma is a clinical psychologist and a play therapist. She is a registered member of the HCPSA and BHF in South Africa.  Dr. Bothma has a big passion for supporting parents in creating the best environment for children to grow up in.  Being part of Evergreen Parenting, as a consultant, makes it possible for her to assist families on a Christian based platform.  Her doctoral research focused on neuro-developmental movement programmes, and the benefit thereof, for young children with hearing impairment.