Tall Trees Family Workshop – Heyns family


A Tall Trees workshop focusing on relationship, based on the profiles of each member of the family. Please read the description at the bottom before completing this form:

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The Tall Trees Family workshop

The family should be a haven for parents and children alike. Unfortunately home is often the rocky shore where relationships run aground. Tall Trees maintains that families can foster closeness and can learn to nurture one another. We make this easier by revealing every family member’s unique needs.

Conflict stems from clashing views, ways of doing, communication styles and expectations, to name but a few! By comparing all family member’s Tall Trees Profile reports we often discover that the conflict are caused by very real differences in style, not by cruel intentions. We are more prone to forgive, find solutions and accept one another when we embrace the truth:


Discover and embrace every member of the family’s unique purpose.

How does it work?

  • Each person (adult & teen) will receive an email to complete their own online Tall Trees Profile Questionnaire beforehand – therefore you need to supply each one’s personal email address in the form.
  • For kids younger than 12 years old – one parent will receive the email for the Tall Trees Kids Profile. This profile can be completed by the child and up to 3 adults to get a 360° view. The parent will be able to invite others.
  • The system will forward each person’s results to Lydia.
  • The family workshop will be conducted at a time & date that suits everyone. This is an interactive workshop with lots of fun. Please plan to have snacks and drinks available.

Talking about trees soon…