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This offer is for a Facilitator to be included in the Course Advert Banner on Evergreen Parenting’s Social Media pages for one month. R50 + 5 posts = 1 ad for 30days.

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Social Media pages:

Evergrowth Online now manages three social media pages with almost 30 000 followers: EvergreenParenting on Facebook and Instagram, and ImmergroenOuerskap on Facebook. This is great platforms to market your Evergreen courses – however, effective marketing campaigns and design can be costly. It also takes commitment, dedication and hours of work to maintain a consistent feed on social media pages like these.  Followers need to feel that they are getting something… not just being bombarded with sale items. Therefore, all Evergreeners that want to take advantage of this platform will need to help (financially and time-wise) with the maintenance of these pages.

The offer:

EverGrowth will create a beautiful advertisement every month. It will be pinned at the top of the Social Media pages for every follower to view whenever they visit the page. A big Billboard, if you will? It will showcase the course dates of the month with contact details of the relevant Facilitator. Evergreen Facilitators will have the option to use this advertising space to market their upcoming course at the cost of R50 and will also have to supply 5 posts. (Please refer to the other packages for other options.) We will add your posts to our folder and use it whenever it is needed. These posts can be quotes, tips, testimonials or even memes. We will be using Canva as our marketing software. The list of themes, criteria and instructions to upload your self-created posts will be available after you purchased this package.

To summarize: If you want your course to be on the ‘Billboard’ for one month, you can pay R50 and send 5 posts to be added to the ‘reservoir.’

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By purchasing this marketing offer you give consent to EverGrowth Online (Pty) Ltd. to post your personal information (contact details as obtained directly from you in the form below) on a public social media page for the purpose of marketing your upcoming course and nothing else. EverGrowth cannot protect your right to privacy or the abuse of your information on a public social media page.