Add extra Kids Profile & Consultation


Add an additional profile test code for a second child. Please read the description below:

Sold By: Evergreen Parenting | EverGrowth Online


Special package for families with more than one child.

Receive an additional Kids profile test code and book an additional Consultation session at R250 (in stead of R400 – a saving of R150 per child.)

This product is only available as an add-on if you are booking a Tall Trees Kids Profile and Consultation session to add an additional profile test code for a second or third child. 

Each child’s report will be discussed in a separate Consultation session.

Please ensure that you add the name, surname and age of the second child in the data form.

The appointment for the second Zoom session (to discuss your second child’s report) will be booked in person when we meet in the Zoom room for our first consultation.

See you in the Zoom Room. 🙂