Honey, Iʼm home … !

Some parents need to play the role of both Mr and Mrs, as well as daddy and mommy.

There are a few things you can do before unlocking your front door. If you’re dealing with a lot of work stress, try getting rid of it to the best of your ability before returning home. This is even if it means getting there a bit later. Play relaxing music and drive around the block three times, or sit in your garage and give your day’s worries over to the Lord (you should probably do this anyway). If you are still anxious, you could go to the gym. Process your work-day so that your thoughts and emotions are sorted out; then you will have capacity for your family and their 1 001 needs when you arrive home.

During the presentation of a course, Janine, an occupational therapist from Krugersdorp, shared this innovative idea with us. Theatre teaches us that when actors change roles, they also change costumes. Janine advises parents to take off their ties and jackets or high heels and fancy white blouses along with the accompanying titles. Become ordinary parents when at home.

Have you noticed that when you’re wearing sandals and jogging shorts, you seem friendlier than when wearing a suit? Your children certainly have.

Remember that when you take off your work clothes you also rid yourself of work stress.

Someone once said that a child’s greatest desire is to see your face light up when they walk into a room. Ensure that you give your children this precious gift of being delighted to see them late in the afternoon. If you’re not always happy, at least try to look happy!

Our children are, and remain, our highest calling. Parenting may not influence the economy or science, but it influences an entire lineage.