Step 1.1 Homework – Implement the 5 R’s

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This is a short course to take you through various strategies, called Evergreen Parenting’s 5 R’s: Respect, Roles, Rituals, Routine and Rules. These strategies ensure that your home is a place that supports growth in children (we also like to refer to this as Discipline 101 as it lies the foundation), but most importantly, these strategies ensure that you create an environment that feels safe and where children feel at home.

May you find it life-giving and beneficial!

About the presenter:

Belinda Glover is a facilitator and consultant with Evergreen Parenting and her videos will take you through each of these R’s. Belinda is married and has three gorgeous and active boys. You will agree with me that she is actually our very own Jane Seymour. We love Belinda dearly, she lives with such beautiful values and from an overflow of godliness.

Download and print a worksheet

Find below the link to the Afrikaans and English document.

Try to include your knowledge of the tree types of your family members when discussing the implementation of these 5 strategies.