Creative Discipline Ideas for Parents

Hettie Brittz
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More about the product: The word “discipline” has such a bad name, but this short course will equip parents with positive, light-hearted and constructive ways to correct behaviour in young children. One of the most common questions asked by parents, is: “What alternatives are there to smacking my kids?” There are many, and although painful punishment is Biblical, and goes a long way, the Bible also teaches us to love unconditionally, to instruct and to train. We all know how to use the wooden spoon, but there are other tools that contribute to the development of character in our children. This short course teaches parents how to use these creative alternatives.

If you have done the Evergreen Parenting Course by Hettie Brittz (writer of Growing Kids with Character, Growing Kids through healthy authority and “Kweek Dissipline met Deernis”) – this short course is a great addition to enhance your discipline tools.

This short course is also available as a DVD. Find it here

Course Features

  • Lectures 24
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 48 min 58 sec
  • Skill level Parents that have completed the Evergreen Parenting course
  • Language English
  • Students 19
  • Certificate No
  • Assessments Yes
  • Introduction 0

    An overview of who would benefit to use these discipline tools as well as guidelines

  • Caught being good 1

    Ideas on how to reward good behavior. Ideal for kids ages 3 - 12.

    • Lecture2.1
      Caught being good demonstration 02 min
  • From pizzas to camping 1

    Ideas on how to practice new skills. Ideal for kids ages 3 - 13.

    • Lecture3.1
      From pizzas to camping demonstration 03 min
  • Food fights 1

    Ideas on how to teach better eating habits. Ideal for kids ages 3 - 13.

    • Lecture4.1
      Food fights discipline tool demonstration 03 min
  • Clean-up time 1

    Make clean-up time fast and fun. Ideal for kids ages 3 - 12.

    • Lecture5.1
      Clean-up time discipline tool demonstration 02 min
  • Shopping solution 1

    Stop tantrums and nagging. Ideal for kids ages 3 - 8.

    • Lecture6.1
      Shopping solution discipline tool demonstration 30 min
  • Dots and arrows for busy parents 1

    Discipline systems for when you are not around. Ideal for kids ages 3 - 12.

    • Lecture7.1
      Dots and arrows discipline tool demonstration 02 min
  • Motivational balls 1

    To train attitude and obedience. Ideal for kids ages 3 - 10.

    • Lecture8.1
      Motivational balls discipline tool demonstration 03 min
  • Animal matters 1

    Teach good manners at the table and in company. Ideal for ages 3 - 12

    • Lecture9.1
      Animal matters discipline tool demonstration 04 min
  • Quality time cheque book 1

    An idea with the focus on time with your children. Ideal ages 3 - 12.

    • Lecture10.1
      Quality time cheque book demonstration 01 min
  • Sit still and be quiet 1

    A technique to teach toddlers self-control. Ideal ages 2 - 7

    • Lecture11.1
      Sit still and be quiet technique demonstration 02 min
  • A string around their finger 1

    A technique for forgetful children. Ideal for ages 3 - 13.

    • Lecture12.1
      A string around their finger demonstration 01 min
  • Treats for tots 1

    Ideas for rewards for children under 5

    • Lecture13.1
      Treats for tots ideas 01 min
  • Building it up 1

    About blocks and puzzles. Ideal ages 3 - 10

    • Lecture14.1
      Blocks and puzzle technique demonstration 01 min
  • Nervous habits 1

    A graceful approach to addressing nail biting and other "fiddles" Ideal ages 3 - 10

    • Lecture15.1
      Demonstration on how to address nervous habits 02 min
  • Money matters 1

    Teaching your children to save and the concept of paying fines. Ideal ages 4 - 10

    • Lecture16.1
      Money matters technique 01 min
  • Do your duties 1

    Techniques to train the skill of responsibility. Ideal ages 4 - 10

    • Lecture17.1
      Do your duties demonstration 01 min
  • How much longer? 1

    A clock with a difference. Ideal for ages 3 - 7

    • Lecture18.1
      Demonstration on how to put time into perspective 01 min
  • Healthy habits 1

    Teaching healthy habits - from brushing teeth to watching TV and screen time. Ideal for ages 3 - 12

    • Lecture19.1
      Teaching healthy habits demonstration 06 min
  • Memorable moments 1

    A celebration candle! Ideal for ages 3 - 18

    • Lecture20.1
      How to make memorable moments count 30 min
  • Time to get dressed 1

    A tool to reduce clothes clashes. Ideal for ages 3 - 7

    • Lecture21.1
      Time to get dressed demonstration 01 min
  • Noah's ark 1

    Teaching true obedience. Ideal for ages 3 - 10

    • Lecture22.1
      Noah’s ark technique 02 min
  • Traffic light 1

    Technique for interruptions. Ideal for ages 3 - 12

    • Lecture23.1
      Traffic light demonstration 03 min
  • The playbag 1

    For your little one's restlessness. Ideal for ages 5 - 12 months

    • Lecture24.1
      The playbag demonstration 01 min
Hettie Brittz
Hettie Brittz - her ministry is to declare Gods evergreen hope for every individual, relationship, family and community. Hettie is a well known author and is the author of several books, including publications in Afrikaans, Kweek Kinders met Karakter, Kweek Gesonde Gesag, Growing Kids with Character and Growing Kids through Healthy Authority. Hettie is the founder of Evergreen Parenting, a group of more than 200 facilitators in 8 countries who use the course to enable families. In addition, she is the co-developer of Tall Trees Profiles, the first set of locally researched and validated personal and leadership profiles for use in schools, companies, churches and families with the aim to strengthen relationships through a better understanding of individuals and their interaction with others. For more about Hettie and her new book: Unnatural Mom, and more visit her website


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