Make a BIG IMPACT with the Friends of Evergreen Affiliate program

We are on a mission to equip the parents and educators of South Africa with Christian principles for the upbringing of children! Join us in our quest!

When you decide you want to invest your time into something that will benefit others you also need to know that it goes a long way. You are driven by big impact.


Generate funds for another organization.

We invite you to join our Friends of Evergreen Affiliate program

A Friend of Evergreen is an EVERGREEN FAN and shares in our the mission to equip parents and educators with knowledge and skills. Therefore a Friend of Evergreen recommends Evergreen products to every parent or educator they cross paths with. There are many amazing and useful resources available on this website.

You can identify an organization, or two, that will benefit financially from your efforts. They will receive 12% of every sale that you were indirectly responsible for. Our system will make monthly deposits directly into their bank account.

Register to receive an Affiliation ID. Then, it is as easy as directing parents and educators to this website and supplying them with your unique Affiliate ID to use at checkout. The system will do the rest.


Join this initiative by registering as a Friend of Evergreen Affiliate.


Recommend our products to the members of your community.

Pay forward

The organization will earn 12% of successful purchases. Payouts are made once a month into their bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Friend of Evergreen Affiliate Program work?

An affiliate can recommend products on the Evergreen Parenting website to any person by providing them with their unique Affiliate ID. This website will recognize that ID and allocate the sale to the affiliate’s account.

How much can you expect to generate?

You generate 12% of the customer’s total purchase. Our flagship video-course is priced at R210 and most other video-courses are available for R150 each. We also have podcasts for R40 and downloadable tools for R30. Our services are priced between R400 and R1000. That would amount to anything between R3,60 and R120,00 per sale.

How are commissions paid?

Commission payouts will be deposited into the bank account of the organization via electronic banking. This will be paid once a month, however the minimum amount to be paid is R100. Payouts less than this minimum will roll-over to the next month.

How do I refer parents and educators?

You will receive marketing templates and an Affiliate ID code that is unique to you. It is as simple as giving this ID to people and asking them to type in the code at checkout. This will allow the system to allocate the sale to your affiliate account.
For those that are tech savvy – you will also be able to create your own referral links and send them via email or any social media platform (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram,) or even embed a coded link on a website. Tutorial videos will guide you.

Please note: A Friend of Evergreen is not to be confused with being a trained and accredited Evergreen Parenting Facilitator / Consultant / Coach. The Friends of Evergreen Initiative is our affiliation program and part of our marketing campaign to spread the word about our valuable resources to equip parents and educators with Evergreen Parenting principles.

In a nutshell

The organization will receive 12 % commission on every sale that you were indirectly responsible for – in other words, anyone that place an order on the Evergreen Parenting website because of your referral will pay full price, but 12% of that sale will be calculated towards the monthly commission pay-out of your chosen organization.

How do I sign up?

Follow these steps:

  • Read through the terms and conditions. (Click on the Sign-up button below – a new window will open.)
  • Discuss your intentions with the organization you identified and ask them to supply you with their banking details, if they agree.
  • At the bottom of that page you will notice another button. Click to fill out a registration form with the necessary details.
  • NOTE: Please ensure that your supply the organization’s banking details. (Even though the system default is to ask for your own.)
  • Thank you. We will review your application and approve it if we have all the necessary details.

Click here: I’m ready to Sign-up

Win-win for all:

Parents will be inspired to better parenting.

The organization will be boosted.

You will stay motivated.


Lydia & Nanette

Lydia & Nanette