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These Zoom sessions are aimed at parents on the Parenting Garden journey.

We know parenting can be tricky…

So, you started on the journey through the proverbial garden where your tiny, tween or teen tree is planted.

You are learning about tree types, needs, different gardening styles and much more. You might start to wonder how to apply these principles. After all – your family is unique!

Let’s get practical!

Do you need to…

  • figure out if you totally agree with the principles we share.
  • soundboard with others to ask questions.
  • get tips to start applying the new-found knowledge.
  • identify your strengths and the areas to up-skill yourself.
  • get confirmation that you are on the right track.
  • write an action plan for your family growth.

Join us for a live Zoom session

We are ready for all your tricky questions!

Aug & Sep 2023

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If you are almost at the half-way mark…


The first few modules of the video-course cover developmental needs and temperament. Therefore the sessions at the beginning of each month are reserved for parents that have completed modules 1-7 (Norms & Values) at the least, and will not accommodate questions about discipline, yet.

If you are almost at the end of the journey…


The modules towards the end of the video-course cover the topic of discipline. Therefore some sessions are reserved for parents that have completed all modules and will accommodate questions about discipline.

How to book your spot:

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Lydia & Nanette

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