Please take note of the following:

  • No temperament may be discussed outside of the official Evergreen courses.
  • NO TALKS may contain temperament content.
  • All talks have to be approved by Evergreen Head office, before you say yes to a booking.
  • Use of Evergreen content is only by permission from Evergreen Parenting.
  • Evergreen Parenting holds the legal right to specify how and where said content may and may not be used.
  • The following info needs to be sent to head office: 
    1. The invoice you sent to the institution for the talk
    2. Royalty proof of payment and commission form
    3. Feedback information form

Step 1: List your event

If you have not listed your event on the public calendar, click here to add an event or edit a past or current event.

Step 2: Inform the office of your upcoming talk/workshop

Talk/Workshop Notification Form



Step 3: Make your payment

Payment commission structure

12% of your profit is payable to Evergreen Parenting for the following talks: Parenting Pitfalls, Foundation of successful parenting (Five R's), 5 Keys to discipline and Regain your authority. Payment detail:Account holder: Evergreen Parenting. Bank: FNB. Account no: 624 392 309 47. Branch Code: 26 02 31 Reference: YOUR NAME and TALK
20% of your profit is payable for the following workshops: 'Jou kind se weerbaarheid', 'My kind en maats', 'My kind en skool', 'My kind en talente', 'My kind en vrese'. Payment detail: Account holder: Lydia Kies. Bank: FNB. Account no: 62 16 4481 592. Branch Code: 205 609 Reference: YOUR NAME and TALK

Step 4: Remember to stock up

Remember to take products as well as our catalog to your talk

Visit the facilitator dashboard or the public shop to order your product at your facilitator discounted rate.