Schools with Character

Schools with Character is a course for teachers based on the work of Hettie Brittz. Evergreen believes that parents and teachers share the responsibility of educating children – together we can grow kids with character.

Our accredited consultants are working nationwide to connect with parents and teachers in every city and town to try and make a difference. 

The following modules are part of the Schools with Character series:

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The Temperament of the Educator

This module is designed to be a fun team building session where teachers will gain some understanding of who they are and who their co-workers are. Relationship growth starts with self-knowledge and by learning how to value yourself and others. The TTLP questionnaire is completed online in less than 20 minutes and the TTLP profile report will then provide each teacher with a work profile, social profile, life view profile and Tall Trees Leadership Profile (TTLP).

Temperament of the primary school learner

Hettie Brittz is famous for her Tree Type analogy to explain temperament (or different personality types.) This module focus on the role that temperament can play in the learner-teacher relationship and the impact temperament knowledge has on classroom management.

Teachers will understand how to best understand, motivate, guide and discipline each child. It is possible to have a relationship with each learner.

Healthy Authority in the classroom

We believe that healthy authority is more than being in charge or using the latest discipline techniques. Healthy authority in the classroom creates an environment where teachers are respected by the learners and everyone respects each other.
In this session we will look at twelve building blocks of healthy authority and each teacher will identify their own strengths and weaknesses in order to grow in healthy authority.
We will help identify everyone’s own preferred authority style and to understand the strengths and weaknesses embedded in each style.

Discipline with Compassion

During this module we will simplify misbehaviour by categorising it into eight different types. Then we will link the misbehaviour category with meaningful correction strategies, in stead of only consequences. Educators will have the tools to be creative and effective in their approach to discipline.

The Xtreme Makeover

This optional follow-up workshop is for a school that decides to challenge the status quo. Evergreen shared in the previous modules our suggestions and principles to create an environment where the development of character is vital. If a school is convinced that it shares our goal and decides to make a few changes, while maintaining their individuality, we undertake this journey with them. The workshop focus on identifying the gaps in the current Code of Conduct and/or discipline plan and to suggest practical and legal improvements. Training in the use of our discipline administration system is also included. This is when the theory becomes practice. Grow a school with character!

Read more about our beliefs and theory of change here.

Testimonials of educators that attended the Schools with Character course: