Hettie Brittz is well-known for her Tree type analogy to explain the different personality types – to parents and even children.

We believe that every member of a family’s temperament plays a key role in relationships. Parents that understand the different temperament types can anticipate needs, emotions and challenges. They can pro-actively plan to make their home a space where everyone feels loved, respected, and safe enough to be themselves.

Hettie developed a few resources over the years to guide parents in determining their children’s tree type. Find below a summary of all the products and services available on this website.

Videos on all four Tree types

Watch these videos on your own to determine your child’s tree type. Videos contain information about the four main tree types of children aged 0 – 16 years old.

Journey through the Parenting Garden

In addition to temperament, discover the other principles of parenting that Evergreen has to offer.

You will understand your child’s uniqueness and individual needs once you determine their tree type. However, there are other equally important principles, such as establishing a trusting relationship, addressing developmental needs, disciplining with compassion according to age, and developing good character.

Consider our most comprehensive video-based course yet: The Parenting Garden.

Profile Tests to determine children’s tree type

A deep dive into someone’s uniqueness. Complete an online questionnaire to determine your child’s tree type and speak to a facilitator to interpret the results. Discount on second or third profile test codes.

Profile Tests to determine adult’s tree type

Complete an online questionnaire to determine your own tree type and speak to a Facilitator to interpret your results.

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