Journey through the Parenting Garden

by age group

with Hettie Brittz

Tiny Trees

focus on parenting babies to toddlers of 5 years old.

Tween Trees

Focus on parenting primary school children from 6 to 11 years old.

Teen Trees

Focus on parenting teenagers from 12 years and up.

An exciting announcement!

For the first time ever, Hettie Brittz developed content that equips a parent for a specific age group.

Parents can now enroll for a video-based course on Christian parenting principles to match the age of their children.

Hettie is the author of three Christian parenting books. Journey through the content from all three books, but what is great about the video-based content is that the topics are focused on the age of the child. There are three age groups: babies/toddlers; primary school children and teenagers.

The videos were recorded in 2018 – footage never seen before.


The most important work you’ll ever do is within the walls of your own

Is this course for you?

Whether you are a parent, teacher or youth worker of a baby, toddler, child or teen, this course is for you.

Maybe you find yourself in-between stages and are worried that you can’t fulfill every child’s needs?

You can flourish in every season. It is easy to feel discouraged or overwhelmed in our role to prune the children in our lives. Be inspired and encouraged with this self-guided journey to improvement. Even if you feel that you have everything under control with the task at hand, but just need confirmation that you are on the right track, this course can equip you to make the most of this important task.

Celebrate your natural abilities and natural gifts.

Growth is always a possibility and we will guide you in how to tweak what needs to be corrected to raise healthy, happy children with character. Together we will learn from our mistakes, forgive and adjust so that we can celebrate growth in your child and yourself. Raising and educating children is complex. So many aspects can affect well-being – temperament (yours and the child’s), the child’s developmental phase, and your natural parenting style all have an effect. Hettie does an amazing job in addressing it all in this course.

Choose to walk away from being anxious and feeling that you are not good enough, or even messing things up.

This course will give you a new perspective and you will be able to take a deep breath and start a new chapter with new insight and practical skills for your parenting toolkit.

The content of each Journey:

(Click on the + for more details about each heading.)

Children go through different developmental phases. Get cues on physical, mental, emotional, and moral development in this section of the course. We also focus on the psycho-social milestones of the child. Learn what your priorities should be at a particular age. 

God is the ultimate example of the best parent. We will unpack God’s example of Israel, his children. We also look in the mirror at our own reflection and do the hard, but necessary, work to make adjustments on our view of leading and discipling.

We all have a natural style when it comes to training and discipline. There are a season for every style. Discover if your natural style is a fit for the child you are working with, and if not, learn the skills to easily adapt.

Hettie uses the tree-type analogy to explain the different temperament types. We believe that temperament is a God-design and that the personality of each person plays a role.  Identify the characteristics present at your child’s age to discover if you are raising and teaching a Palm tree, Rose bush, Boxwood or Pine tree. Hettie also shares child rearing secrets for each tree type.

Your own temperament has an effect in how you raise or educate children. Discover what your temperament strengths bring to the garden and get tips on where you need to grow.

We discover the necessary building blocks to build a relationship that acts like a wall that will protect children from worldly influences.

In this section we discover what a child needs to flourish, according to their age and temperament.

Discover the importance of healthy norms and values. Learn effective strategies to implement to create an environment that can grow children into healthy, responsible and mature adults with character.

Have you ever felt frustrated with communication problems? It might be as simple as learning the ‘tree-dialect’ a child speaks. We unpack the best way to talk to children according to their temperament and age. 

This discipline section is jampacked with everything you need to understand about the eight different types of misbehaviour typical of a child’s age. And, more importantly, how to handle it in the correct way to develop character.

We need to stand still and look back every now and then to celebrate the small victories. In this section we re-evaluate what success looks like in the child-rearing journey.

Just when you thought you figured everything out your child enters a new developmental phase. It is crucial to look ahead and be pro-active. That is exactly what we will discuss in this section.

There are many advantages of a video-based course:

convenience of online courses


Available 24 hours, 365 days


Subscription options

Access to pre-recorded videos. Cancel payment when you’re done.

On the go


Listen or watch via streaming while cooking, jogging or driving


Full control

Rewind, pause, replay. Repeat as many times as you want. Go slow, go fast – your choice.