Zoom Talk – Resilience in the Online World


Recording of a Zoom Talk hosted by Hettie Brittz about the dangers of the online world. Please read more below:

Sold By: Hettie Brittz


How do you want your child to answer when the world says: “Hey, try this” or “Hi, do that?”

Resilience is the ability to say NO with words and actions – having grit. 

Children need to be aware of the dangers and pitfalls in the online world they are browsing these days. This means that parents also need to know. 

Resilience in the Online World is a recording of a Zoom-Talk hosted by Hettie Brittz on the 18th of May 2020. She takes us through some of the ways to train ourselves and our kids to have very practical answers for the challenges of resilience with the use of the internet and browsing safety, social media, screen time and much more. 

The content:

  • Being able to ‘talk back’ when confronted
  • Reality check about the dangers
  • Strategy to filter content

The format: 

  • The online course consist of  a video by Hettie Brittz. 60 min in total.

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