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This Extra Large Shopper is the handiest shopping bag ever!   You’ll want to keep it in your car and take it everywhere! It is large enough to fit in the base of a standard shopping trolley and in your car’s boot. Just load all your groceries in this bag, and put it back in your car.

This bag is every mom’s dream!  No more carrying a million small parcels!  Drive with the trolley to your car’s boot, load it in and Bob’s your uncle!

The Extra Large Shopper is:

*  made from re-purposed fabric, making it even more eco-friendly and truly unique

*  folds down easily to save space in your car

*  made with both longer and shorter strong handles attached, making carrying easier

*  machine washable at 30° degrees Celsius

* a great beach bag, toy bag

Size:  70 cm (w) x 40 cm(h) x 40cm (across)

Please take note fabric will vary

Additional information

Weight .540 g
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 40 cm