Tall Trees Leadership Profile and consultation


Complete a Tall Trees Leadership Profile and speak to a trained Facilitator to help you interpret the results. Please scroll down to read the description at the bottom before booking a slot in the calendar below.

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The Tall Trees Profiles, co-developed by Hettie Brittz, are the most accurate means to determine a person’s Tree type combination. 

The reference to Tall Trees stems from the idiom that tall trees catch the most wind. It is a tool to equip each teenager and adult to become a tall tree that will remain standing even during the worst wind storm.

Do you want to dig deeper into your default reactions? Want to understand yourself better? Do you want to grow on a personal level?

Growth isn’t always change – sometimes it means becoming more of what you already are. An oak remains an oak even if it should grow very tall. We believe that people should grow in character, steadfastness, satisfaction and fulfilment without becoming someone different. Self-knowledge, confirmation of where you belong and where you can make your greatest contribution, are essentials for progress in life. Tall Trees Profiles provide these and the individual reports contain a personal growth plan for any teenager and adult who dares to grow beyond their “label” and “box”.

Complete a Tall Trees Leadership profile and book a session with a trained Facilitator to help you interpret the results.

What to expect:

You will complete an online questionnaire to determine your unique combination of temperaments across four profiles. A printable report is generated with very helpful insights into your profile. Discover your Forces within (strengths), Fields of greatness (where you belong), Frostbite (stress factors), Fertilizer (core needs), Forest Fires (communication and conflict style) and Fast Forward (challenges).

Write your individualized Growth Plan towards greater success and better relationships during your Zoom Consultation with either Lydia or Nanette.

The test, report and consultation is available in English or Afrikaans.

***Ideas or other possibilities:

  • We offer discount for a spouse’s profile…
  • Considering a Family Workshop with Mom, Dad & Teens?
  • Get a group of friends together for a 3 hour interactive & fun workshop.
  • Interested in any of these alternatives? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Ready to commit?

  1. Please book your consultation date and time above. (To ensure that you allow yourself enough time to complete the profile test in time for the Zoom Consultation session, and the Facilitator to prepare, the first available timeslots will only be in 3 days time.)
  2. Complete the DATA FORM with details necessary to allocate a test profile to you.
  3. Click on BOOK NOW and VIEW CART to complete the payment at checkout.
  4. The Facilitator (Lydia or Nanette) will communicate details via email or WhatsApp as soon as your booking is confirmed. Please note that this would be during normal workday hours and may take up to 24 hours.

See you in the Zoom Room…


Lydia & Nanette



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