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The Building blocks of Healthy Authority


An online course on the building blocks of Healthy Authority by Hettie Brittz. Please read more below:

Sold By: Hettie Brittz


The tools we need for parenting are simple skills we can all acquire. The Bible offers wonderful building blocks with which we can rebuild our wall of authority and the skills we need.

Some of us start out on the road of parenting without any tools at all, much like young married couples who don’t even own a hammer! Others “inherit” several tools from their parents, who managed to set an example of healthy authority, or not. But in reality all of the tools are available to those of us who want to cultivate children the way a careful gardener cultivates young trees.

In this online course, Hettie Brittz shares 12 building blocks to build a steady wall of healthy authority.

The content:

  • Why do parents need authority and why do children attack our authority?
  • 12 Building Blocks (a lesson on each one.)
  • Be consistent!
  • How to maintain your wall of authority.

The format: 

  • The online course consist of videos, questions to dig deeper, Scripture, worksheets and printable tools to get practical.

How does it work?

  • Add this product to your cart, complete the checkout process and find the online course under My PROFILE > MY COURSES. You will have access to the content forever and can watch the videos as many times as you need. You will also be able to re-print the worksheets if you start noticing cracks in your wall again. 

Start your family’s growth process today!

PLEASE NOTE: The content of this online course was previously part of the Say Yes to Healthy Authority DVD and online course.