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1 x Growing Kids with Character

1 x Walk through the jungle

1 x Kids Profile

The revised edition of Growing Kids with Character is available, but this time you can buy a whole package of temperament information!  In this package you will receive Growing Kids with Character, Walk through the Jungle and a Kids profile.

Growing Kids with character is a book on temperaments, written by Hettie Brittz.  Families can be transformed when parents understand the need-behaviors of their children.  Parents, teachers and youth workers who are already Growing Kids with Character, can now join a generation of educators who know that every child has a valuable calling and destiny and every child needs to be ‘pruned’ and ‘cultivated’ with care.

Walk through the Jungle is an A5 guide to temperament, based on Growing Kids with Character.  This booklet combines all the information on temperament into an easy to use , easy to store product that can be used at home, school and even on vacation if you are so inclined.  In this booklet you will find how to identify characteristics, the needs according to each temperament, the learning preferences and challenges according to each temperament.

The Kids Profile is a video based profile for children of ages between 3-12 years of age.  In doing the test, you first give your responses and also have the option to let your child and two more adults give their responses about your child’s personality.  Thus, up to four people’s assessments add up to the unique report.


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