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Tall Trees Teen Profile and consultation


Ask your teenager to complete a Tall Trees Teen profile. A trained Facilitator will to guide the both of you to interpret the results. Please read the description below before booking…

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The Tall Trees Profiles, developed by Hettie Brittz, are the most accurate means to determine a person’s temperament combination.

Do you want your teenager to develop emotional intelligence by understanding him/herself better?  Self knowledge can equip each teenager to become a tall tree that will remain standing even during the worst wind storm. Ask your teenager to complete a Tall Trees Teen profile and speak to a trained Facilitator to help him/her to interpret the results.

The Tall Trees Teen Profile will guide you to discover how you socialize, work and tackle life’s challenges and opportunities. Discover your Forces within (gifts and talents), Fields of greatness (where you are the best leader), Frostbite (draining, stressful stuff), Fertilizer (energizing stuff), Forest Fires (how you speak, listen and fight) and Fast Forward (the tough stuff you can beat!) Follow your own Growth Plan to become an even greater friend, team mate and person. The information can assist in career choices and looks good on a CV as well.

A printable report is generated with very helpful insights into your teen’s unique profile. This will be discussed during your Zoom Consultation with either Lydia or Nanette. The test, report and consultation is available in English or Afrikaans. Parents are welcome to sit in with this consultation as well, but with permission from the teen :-).

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Tall Trees Profile & Consultation: Teenager's information

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