Tall Trees Kids Profile and Consultation


Complete a Tall Trees Kids profile and receive the support of a trained facilitator, helping you interpret the results correctly. Please read the description at the bottom before booking…

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The Tall Trees Profiles, co-developed by Hettie Brittz, are the most accurate means to determine a child’s unique Tree type combination. 

Evergreen believes that temperament plays a role in the parenting adventure and that parents who understand their child’s God-given design can love them better.

Complete a Tall Trees Kids Profile and speak to a trained Facilitator to help you interpret the results.

The KIDS PROFILE are suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 11 years. The profile test is completed by the child and up to three adults whose scores are combined to determine the tree-type result. It is video-based and child-friendly. A report is generated with very helpful insights into your child’s unique temperament combination. This will be discussed during your Zoom Consultation with either Lydia or Nanette. Please note: The test and report is only available in English, but during the Zoom Consultation we can communicate in Afrikaans or English.

The report contains tips about your child according to their unique temperament: 

  • Tips to develop your child’s potential
  • Tips to help your child develop leadership traits
  • Tips to make sure your child feels accepted and celebrated
  • Tips to protect your child from unnecessary stress
  • Tips to adapt how you listen and speak to your child
  • Tips to adapt what you expect from your child (and how you discipline) in a way that suits your child’s design

Ready to commit?

  1. Please book your consultation date and time above. To ensure that you allow yourself enough time to complete the profile test in time for the Zoom Consultation session, and for the Facilitator to prepare, the first available timeslots will only be in 4 days time.
  2. Be sure to supply the child’s information, like his/her name, age, etc.
  3. The Facilitator (Lydia or Nanette) will communicate details via email or WhatsApp as soon as your booking is confirmed. Please note that this would be during normal work hours.

See you in the Zoom Room…Lydia & Nanette




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