Tall Trees Family Workshop


Tall Trees workshop focused on relationship, based on the profiles of each member of the family. Read more details below.

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The Tall Trees Family workshop

The family should be a haven for parents and children alike. Unfortunately home is often the rocky shore where relationships run aground. Tall Trees maintains that families can foster closeness and can learn to nurture one another. We make this easier by revealing every family member’s unique needs.

Conflict stems from clashing views, ways of doing, communication styles and expectations, to name but a few! By comparing our Tall Trees Profile reports we often discover that the conflict is caused by very real differences in style, not by cruel intentions. We are more prone to forgive, find solutions and accept one another when we embrace the truth:

We WILL differ because we ARE different!


How does it work?

  • Each member of the family will receive an email to complete their online Tall Trees Profile Questionnaire beforehand.
  • The family workshop will be conducted via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom Meeting ID via email. You are welcome to pick a date and time that suits all parties of your family in the calendar above.

See you in the Zoom Room