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The Sori Bag is a discipline tool, ideal for parents. Create your own Sori Bag with these templates and instructional video. Please read more details in the description below.

Sold By: Hettie Brittz


The Sori Bag is a discipline tool to motivate children to follow rules and parents to demonstrate and maintain healthy authority in a creative, fair and compassionate manner. 

The Sori Bag contains cards with random consequences, ideal for

  • those days when minor infringements cannot be overlooked, but when no obvious logical consequence comes to mind.
  • the child who feels that you ‘pick’ on him/her.
  • shopping trips or take it with you on the long road trip to a holiday destination.

There is also a product available in classroom format: Sori Bag – School, with consequences more suitable in classrooms.

The content:

  • How to use the Sori Bag 
  • Templates to create your own Sori Bag

The format: 

  • This is an online course.
  • This product contains an instructional video by Hettie Brittz,
  • A template to create you own Sori Bag cover
  • Downloadable PDF file with little cards to fill the bag.

How does it work?

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  • Find the online course under My PROFILE > MY COURSES.
  • You will have access to the content forever and can watch the video as many times as you need.

Discover that discipline can be fun, today!


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