ScreenTime Monitor


The ScreenTime Monitor is a tool to help parents and children to develop healthy habits regarding time spent on digital devices. Please read more details below.

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The ScreenTime Monitor

Research shows that too much time in front of a digital device that omits artificial light can cause a whole host of potential health issues and children may be at higher risk. And of course there is the issue of time spent in chats or on video games in stead of on school work or chores! 

The ScreenTime Monitor is a tool to help parents and children to develop healthy habits. Managing screen time can lead to improvements in sleep, behaviour and learning.*

The content:
  • Hettie demonstrates how to use the ScreenTime monitor in a video. It is a tool to encourage limited screen time and demonstrates the negative impact that excessive screen time has. Parents can download templates to make their own ScreenTime monitor.
The format:
  • This online course consist of a video by Hettie Brittz (3min in total) and
  • Downloadable Pdf documents to print at home.
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*Not convinced that you have to monitor your child’s screen time?

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