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The term ‘screen time’ refers to any time spent interacting with modern day technology with screens, such as television, computers, digital games like PlayStation and even cell phones. Screens give rise to neurological stress that must be limited especially in young children. In general children do not play enough these days, especially outside (thus lacking adequate physical exercise). They rather spend time in front of the TV or playing games on the computer. Play develops important motor skills and without these skills they cannot effectively learn at school. Even the development of muscles is important for schoolwork and learning. Low muscle tone gives rise to concentration problems in that children struggle to sit still for long periods to concentrate on what they need to learn.

Studies found that modern day children lack in the necessary listening skills due to too much time spent in front of the television. It is therefore important that children are also exposed to audio stories without the visual images. It is unrealistic to withhold children from all of these technological devices, but what is important is to monitor the quantity and the quality of what they are exposed to.

The Screen time monitor helps parents to monitor children screen time in a fun way. It also helps children to become aware and responsible for their own screen time habits.

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