“Mommies may” Podcast series


“Mommies may” by Hettie Brittz, is a podcast series with 10 episodes – two per week. Read more details below: 

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“Mommies may” Podcast series

Today’s moms should look like they’ve never had babies, must find time to have their nails done professionally, and cook gluten-free and low GI foods on top of that. They should be at all their children’s activities, help with all homework but not be overinvolved or neglect their husbands… Is there any mother who can manage all the demands?! I never look forward to the inevitable reading of Proverbs 31 during the annual Mother’s Day church service. They lose me when it comes to the part where the virtuous mother sews through the night. Replacing buttons six months after they came off counts among my sewing top achievements. I wonder if the emails I answer at night or the reports my friends type at night might count for points? I hope it does!

These podcast messages for moms are meant to make her breathe deeply and sigh of relief. It’s the ideal gift for every mother who tries her best but doesn’t necessarily always manage to get to the standard that she herself, or our culture, sets for her. She’s going to get confirmation that the amazing fact is that moms don’t have to be perfect – a motherheart doesn’t just beat in one way.

It frees moms from all the do’s and don’ts by sharing some “you are allowed to…” with each mom. Mommies may… cry at impossible times, pretend that she doesn’t know her own children, burn dinner and many more. The everyday struggles and the funny moments of being a mom are shared with compassion and humour, so that every mom gets the heart-warming message: Mom doesn’t have to be a super mom at all to be my mom!?

The format:

  • This series consists of 10 episodes by Hettie Brittz.
  • On the day of purchase you receive access to the first two episodes… therafter, two episodes becomes available every week until all ten episodes are available.
  • You will receive an email as reminder when new episodes are available.

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Mom, choose to be free from all the do’s and don’ts!

*Please note: The content of this product was published in 2013 on a CD with the same title. The CD’s are not available anymore. Evergreen also re-publish this content every year around Mother’s day. Please check if you haven’t already bought this product in the past.



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