Introduction to Resilience training


Hettie Brittz introduces the concept of resilience training. Please read more below.

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Your child may be defenseless.

There are so many dangers in the modern world and most parents do their utmost best to protect their children. The reality is that we spend a lot of time, energy and money on protecting their physical body – and we should. Our children’s mental and emotional health is a lot more complex. And then there are the matters of the heart and soul. You might think that it would be much easier if we could lock them in a castle tower or cover them in bubble wrap? Isolation and exclusion is unfortunately not the solution. It is our responsibility to equip them to recognize dangers; to teach them to resist the temptations and to coach the necessary skills to navigate their own way through the mine fields.

Hettie introduces the concept of resilience training and shares a few ideas to start to equip your children to not only cope, but flourish!

The content:

  • Healthy environment
  • Why resilience training is necessary
  • Where to start

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  • The online course consist of videos by Hettie Brittz. 8min in total.

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