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Learn to use incentive charts effectively and download the Princess & Castle theme to print at home. English and Afrikaans. Please read more details below.

Sold By: Hettie Brittz


Star charts can be a punishment…

Nowadays star charts are for sale everywhere! All your child’s responsibilities can be written on the star chart. I even brought beautiful ones back from overseas with matching stickers and all. My experience is that it is a source of great fun for a week or two, but then it becomes unbelievably annoying. There are seven morning chores, four afternoon chores and some more during the evening! If you have only one child, it probably won’t get that wild, but try to remember which one of your four children’s attitudes didn’t deserve a gold star during homework time; who deserved a black dot for leaving a wet towel in the passage; who forgot to clear their dishes from the table … and you’ll realise like I did … a system like that is not sustainable!

To top it all – there are children who thrive with such visual recognition, but there are those for whom it causes much stress, while others could not care less!

Learn to use Evergreen’s Incentive charts as a healthy discipline technique to ensure that it is a real motivation for your child and an effective method to develop healthy habits, good behaviour and character.

The content:

  • This online course consist of videos by Hettie Brittz – one in English and one in Afrikaans – that you will be able to watch via streaming. The videos explain the concept of incentive charts as a healthy technique to motivate a child to learn new habits, skills or behaviour.
  • Included are PDF files of the incentive chart – ready to download and print at home.

How does it work?

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