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Join a GROUP of like-minded parents in July & Aug 2024. Zoom sessions presented by Nanette & Lydia.

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The Parenting Garden Group course – July & August 2024

Join a group of other parents and journey with Lydia & Nanette, two dedicated Evergreen Parenting Coaches with more than 10 years of experience.

Only 20 seats available.

Embark on a journey to more fulfilling parenting that feels evergreen in every season.

Combine the best of both worlds: Learn & Connect

This offer combines the convenience and effectiveness of pre-recorded videos and the advantages of being able to connect with real people.

  1. Receive access to videos by renowned author Hettie Brittz to watch at your own pace in your own home as many times as you need, and
  2. Attend two live Zoom sessions with trained Parenting Coaches and other parents that are on the same journey.

Need inspiration? Need solutions? 

Journey with us and discover 7 timeless principles on Christian parenting; strategies to ensure growth for every type of family and learn skills to foster better relationships, more effective discipline to develop children with character.

You will be inspired to better parenting and will be equipped to not only thrive, but enjoy parenting!

What topics are covered?

The Parenting Garden video-course covers 12 themes:

  • Parental focus in each Developmental stage
  • God’s Parenting example
  • Your Parenting style
  • Temperament of the child (babies to teens) – yes the trees!
  • Temperament of parents (adults)
  • Norms and values
  • Quality time according to age and temperament
  • A Wall of Healthy Authority that protects our children
  • Dialogue according to age and temperament
  • Compassionate Discipline according to age and misbehaviour type
  • Celebrating growth and progress
  • Preparing for the next childhood phase

How does it work?

  • You will receive access to pre-recorded VIDEOS by Hettie Brittz (the author) to watch via streaming on this website. It is known as The Parenting Garden video-course. The system will guide you through this content in a systematic manner. These videos aim to impart the Evergreen Principles. You will need to reach the Halfway mark (approx 2,5 hours of video footage) before the first Zoom session, and the other half before the second Zoom session.

  • You will receive front row seats for two live ZOOM SESSIONS on 25 July and 22 August at 7:30pm (SAST). During these Zoom sessions we answer all your questions and get really practical as we guide you to start implementing what you have learned by writing action plans together. These sessions aim to make the information personal and discuss the impact on your family and personalities.

  • The cost covers access to the videos, for three months, and both Zoom sessions. (You will have the option to renew the subscription to re-watch the videos if you need more time at an additional cost.)

  • As a BONUS you will receive PRINTABLE TOOLS to jump-start the implementation and access to exclusive content.

If you are still unsure if this is for you… don’t hesitate to send Lydia a WhatsApp at 082 445 9096.

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We can’t wait for you to join us!

Greetings, Lydia & Nanette.

Lydia & Nanette