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New publication: Finding your way in the Parenting Jungle

When your child’s behaviour makes you feel lost in the parenting jungle, revisit the pages about your child’s temperament type.  What perspective does that give on the behaviour?  Can you see that temperament plays a part in discipline?  Are there needs of your child that may be unmet?

Rethinking the principles of healthy authority, do you think that you may need to apply principles you learned there and cut some manipulation cords, even?

Which of the 5 R’s may need improvement, in order to prevent the behaviour from recurring?  More family time, a better routine, new responsibilities, a discussion about respect or a change in the rules?

How was your example in that area?  Did your child have proper instruction to prepare him for the situation?  Did you train your child to do the right thing through supportive practice of the necessary skills needed to do the right thing?  Did you forget to note and follow up on their good or bad behaviour in similar situations in the past, or this time around?  Does your child know why the behaviour was wrong and what the right action would have been, because you educated your child accordingly?  The answers usually lead to a better strategy for the future.

By purchasing this book, only available in English, you may grow more confident in your parenting role as you apply these timeless principles.

Buy this booklet to the value of R150 and receive a Kids Profile for free!

With this booklet, you will receive one free Tall Trees Kids Profile test (worth R150) to complete online. Read more about the profile here.

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