Finding your way in the Parenting jungle

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New publication: Finding your way in the Parenting Jungle

Parenting is an adventure. This adventure should be enjoyable, rather than confusing. Today, many parents are uncertain which parenting advice to follow. The three sections of Finding Your Way in the Parenting Jungle, introduce you to three core truths that can be road signs along your way, to direct you parenting journey and to give you guiding principles:
1. Each child has a unique temperament that requires unique parenting
2. Healthy authority builds respect and good relationship
3. Compassionate discipline brings children to maturity

Temperament is a child’s predisposed tendency to develop in a certain manner. It determines the child’s probability to be people or task orientated, to be an extrovert or an introvert, a pessimist or an optimist, a talker or a more thoughtful person, a participant or a spectator, to name but a few.
It is our responsibility as parents to discover our child’s inborn qualities; to nurture and mould them. It makes parenting so much easier and more rewarding.

Healthy authority lays the foundation for our children’s functioning in all other relationships. Conversely, manipulation muddies our relationships to such an extent that neither we nor our children know where we stand with one another. We need to embrace the task of building authority that will last, while formulating strategies to stop the influence of manipulation and harmful parenting practices in our homes.

The parenting sphere is alive with terminology for the best ways to parent: positive parenting, attachment parenting, sensory smart parenting, intentional parenting, supportive parenting, authoritative parenting and facilitative parenting, to name a handful. How is a parent to find their way through this parenting jungle with any kind of certainty about how they should discipline?
In this third section of Finding Your Way in the Parenting Jungle, we explore a definition of discipline, and a set of principles that we call the 5 R’s and the 5 Links, which provide a framework for any practical parenting advice we receive. It can help us determine what we should embrace, and what we need not take too seriously.

We believe that by embracing our child’s unique temperament, rebuilding healthy authority, and exercising compassionate discipline, we can set off on a path that leads to a fulfilling parenting adventure.

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