Emotionally Intelligent Discipline


Join Lydia and Nanette in unpacking the negative effects of unhealthy discipline techniques and explore alternative techniques to develop a healthy self-esteem in your child. The concepts in this course are based on concepts from the book ‘Discipline with Compassion’ by Hettie Brittz. 

Watch pre-recorded videos and download tools to help you implement the principles. Downloadable documents are in both English and Afrikaans available.

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Emotionally Intelligent Discipline

An online course on healthy and unhealthy discipline techniques (known as The Twins.)

Some commonly used discipline techniques can be effective, but can unfortunately also have a negative effect on a child. To top it all – it can also expose possible shortfalls in our own emotional intelligence, thus hindering our efforts to teach our children emotional maturity.

In this on-demand video course Lydia will analyze four common discipline techniques and the impact they have on a child’s emotional and social development. Nanette will teach you four healthy alternatives to correct misbehaviour that will also contribute to a child’s self-esteem.

This course includes:

  • Videos by Lydia & Nanette (60 mins in total),
  • 2 Bible studies,
  • a template to customize your discipline plan,
  • a template to create a wall chart on consequences and
  • ready-to-use discipline tools like affirmation cards.

As well as many additional bonus material: 

  • cellphone wallpaper designs,
  • posters and
  • bookmarks,

to name a few resources to help you ditch the unhealthy techniques.

A note to our Afrikaans speaking parents: Die videos in hierdie aanlynkursus is in Engels, maar meeste van die aflaaibare dokumente wat jy dalk sal wil druk is in beide Engels en Afrikaans beskikbaar – daarom sal jou kinders darem in hul moedertaal kan lees :-).

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Join us today and ditch those unhealthy techniques, grow your own EQ, and invest in your child’s development of a healthy self-esteem.    


Lydia & Nanette