Clean-up Time


Evergreen’s Clean-up cards is a tool for parents to teach children to tidy-up or pack-away. Please read more details below:

Sold By: Hettie Brittz


Clean-up Time!

Clean-up time is notorious for family meltdowns! The putting away of items start in the toddler years and continue well into the teen phase. Wouldn’t it be great if this habit is formed as early as possible?

We introduce this tool – Evergreen’s Clean-up cards – to teach children the habit of tidying-up after themselves in a fun and interactive way. Make clean-up time part of your daily routine and reap the benefit of clean-up time without fuss, a tidier home and, in the long run, develop eager hands ready to help and serve others.

The content:

  • Learn how to motivate children to clean-up and make your own set of Clean-up cards.

The format:

  • Short videos by Hettie Brittz explaining how to use this tool – one in English and another in Afrikaans. 3 min each.
  • A PDF file to down and print at home. Make your own set of cards.

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Decide to make clean-up time fun, today!