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Grow your parenting skills with the guidance and support of a trained Facilitator. 

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The Evergreen Parenting course presented to GROUPS of parents

Accredited Evergreen Parenting Facilitators present courses to a group of parents – in person or via Zoom.

Please note: Evergreen Parenting Facilitators operate independently and are not representatives of EverGrowth Online (Pty) Ltd. – the company that owns this website.

Upcoming events:

Invitation to join the parenting course in July & August 2024.
Invitation to join the parenting course in July & August 2024. Click to book your seat.

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Discover your Tree Type and those of your family members.

Hettie Brittz is well known for her tree type analogy to explain the differences between temperament types. We believe that temperament knowledge is the key to heathy families, because…

  • Everybody has been created as a unique individual according to an intelligent design.
  • Relationships (with God and people) are everybody’s most important growth challenge.
  • The realization of everyone’s potential starts with self-knowledge and understanding of others.
  • Everyone’s unique combinations of temperaments supply us with a rich variety of information for personal growth.

The Tall Trees Profiles are online tests with a complicated algorithm to calculate a person’s combination of tree types. The system generates a report with detailed information on the specific combination. Complete a profile and book a session with Lydia / Nanette to interpret the result and start you on your personal Growth Plan.

There are three tests available:

Growing together is more fun! Invite friends and family and book a workshop

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