Respect for others


integrity and transparency about the realities of relationships


addressing not what we think is important, but what interaction with our market has proven to be important


never promoting information or skills that have not been tested. Looking at the long term viability and outcome of what we do. Understanding that people will follow and therefore need to be lead carefully

Trust in God

this also has the dimension of accountability to God!


networking with other support givers and structures in the community. Being accountable to each other and the public we serve


word of mouth, facilitators, books CDs, DVDs, printed material. website all carry the central message- there are answers, help is here! Dynamics - The company has a steady rendering of services all year round that wanes slightly during school holidays. At a regular pace new products and services are added to the repertoire. People of passion and action run the management level, ensuring a constant progress and growth in what is on offer. The growth in two years’ time has been explosive.

A Biblical focus


having various options in terms of how services and products can be acquired. Website, communication, spread of facilitators countrywide etc.


In every aspect of the ministry/company


A well-priced product and service with a non-profit aim and options for sponsorships and discounts where need is real