a home that allows each child a space to shine

is a home where the parents take the temperament of each member of the family into account. Each personality type has different needs. How do you address every person’s needs?!

We believe that the answer lies in pro-active planning. Don’t wait until the tanks are running low (and your own on empty.) Consider these very practical tools to literally write a parenting plan for each child.

  • Write a Care Plan to ensure you address all his/her needs – the goal is one a week.
  • Work on a Cultivation plan to focus your discipline efforts.
  • Get ideas for ‘pest controlling’ to build your child’s resilience.

You will feel organized and ready for every day… you will make time for fun and laughter… you will see results… the atmosphere at home will be calmer… and you might even have more time for yourself!

There is one product for each Tree type:

Pssst: there is a 20% discount available if you are raising more than one tree-type…

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