Ask before panicking

by Hettie Brittz

When I was busy finishing my second book my laptop was fastened to me like a magnet. I had a deadline to meet and worked day and night to meet it. However, I had guilt feelings thinking I’m not spending enough time with my family.

That night I spoke to my daughter: “Gosh, you probably feel like you no longer have a mommy with all the hours I’m spending in front of the laptop!” In her carefree manner she answered: “No, Mommy! I know I can ask anything of you if I need to. You are here and you haven’t left home in so long (probably due to a broken car!) that it feels like you’re here all the time.” I realised that I’d been interrupting my work often, just to show my face and that my children noticed this.

Moms generally feel more than their fair share of guilt.

Ensure that you aren’t stressed about anything not justified. Ask your children today whether they know you’ll drop whatever you’re busy with like a hot potato if they need you. Ask them whether they know your door is always open to them.

If their answer sets you free, stop covering your head with ashes and be joyful!