Quality time cheat sheet

It is important to spend daily quality time with each child. And if it is only five minutes, we have to use it wisely. Here are some handy tips for those who already know what type of tree their children are, guaranteed to make them feel loved and special.

(Please remember that five minutes per day are not enough to build a real relationship with your child.)

Rosebush’s tough and competitive personality

They like to compete in a physical and intellectual manner. “How fast can you … Let’s arm wrestle… Let’s see who can hold their breath the longest.” Play together and, depending on their age, let them win.

Don’t be afraid to challenge him/her! They like to know you notice they are getting older, smarter and almost grown-ups. Quality time that involves them participating or practicing something they are actually too young for sends this message. An example would be to take your kid to a quiet gravel road and allow him to hold on to the car’s steering wheel for a few kilometers.

The spontaneous, fun-loving Palm Tree personality

Give him/her an opportunity to entertain you; let them dance, sing a song or imitate an animal’s sound. Any opportunity to be the centre of attention is like dew on your palm tree’s soul. Clap your hands with gusto. Laugh out loud and show how you enjoy him/her!

Any game that makes you both laugh, like tickling, being silly together, reading jokes or even planning and executing a prank together. (Please ensure to teach the Palm that there should never be a victim not having fun! Everyone should enjoy the game.)

If you’re not in the mood for the above, visit the land of fantasy through your child’s colourful imagination. “Let’s pretend you’re an insect. What would you be? What would you eat for breakfast?”

The serious and sensitive Boxwood (Lollipop) personality:

They prefer more structured games and calming activities: build a puzzle, colour a picture with you, sculpt a clay figurine of your pet or paint a picture of your favourite holiday destination.

Be prepared to listen to their feelings and encourage conversation by reading a book together. You can also tell them something from their baby or young childhood years, or flipping through a photo album. Boxwood trees also enjoy stories about the past.

PS: Try to never miss or postpone an appointment with your Boxwood.

The peaceful and dreamy Pine Tree personality:

Join them. You can find your pine tree and join in with whatever he/she is doing at the moment. Sit close by. Avoid questions such as, “What are you playing?” or, “Why do you like that?” Criticism or evaluation is not allowed – only neutral remarks that show your interest. Rather say, “You are playing Fruit Smash. You have 60 000 points.” For them it is about you simply being there. All they want to do is chill and you should do the same. Eventually you could ask your child to show you how a game works, but don’t pressurise him/her.

Bring a snack to share with your pine tree. For them, eating together is more than just eating. Ignore the urge to start a conversation. Just be there and enjoy the food.